Tears shed for you no longer silent, our Country's pride in you endures. In recognition of the Widows and Orphans who selflessly sacrificed loved ones in War for us to live in Peace.

Let Me Hold Your Hand

With these words on a plaque, the small sculpture in Jennie Davis Park brings remembrance to those who suffer the price of war and often are ignored. The sculpture, beautifully crafted by Linda Hundevadt Pew, was put in place in 2008, at the forefront of one of the most interesting parks in Redlands, California.

I've driven by that sculpture hundreds of times over the years, but I never paid attention to it until I decided to photograph that corner, which I had always seen as the welcoming sign to Redlands, even though it is practically in the heart of the city. I took over two dozen shots of the sculpture from various angles. I started about half an hour before sunset, as I was really aiming for a golden sunset as the backdrop, but street lights and wires ruined every attempt to get a good composition.

I settled for the eastern background, though it resulted in very little sky, it gave me a good view of the Veteran's Memorial and the Eternal Flame.

I shot the above photo with my Nikon D750 at ISO 100, using my Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8 lens set at f/3.5, 1/20s; handheld with VC on.

The tilting screen of the D750 allowed me to slide the camera under the sculpture and get a view that probably has not been seen by many. For this  image I used the same lens but at f/2.8, 1/100s.

I used Lightroom to do standard adjustments to exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, etc. I also used Nik plug-ins to do some dodging and burning with Viveza, sharpening with Sharpener Pro, and noise removal with Dfine. For the close-up of the sculpture, I used Color Efex to add blur vignetting.

I shot this just before Memorial Day, with the purpose of entering a photo contest the City of Redlands was organizing. The following month the statue was vandalized and the figure of the woman went missing - literally, and ironically, the boy was left as on orphan. A few weeks later the boy was removed as well. The city has commissioned the original artist to create another sculpture.

Share My Pain

Have you photographed anything that you had not paid attention to until you looked at it through your viewfinder? What did that result in?

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